How to save on hosting and domain name registration

Why Choose Shared Hosting as Your Hosting Solution?

Shared hosting is the most popular and low-priced hosting available in the web hosting market. Many people have opted to purchase shared hosting because it is cheap. It is cheap because many websites share the resources of the server. Because of this, each shared hosting package usually offer a limited amount of data spaces and bandwidth for customers.
The resources of a shared hosting server can be allotted up to a few thousand webmasters. Many people argue that shared hosting is not secure because lots of websites are hosted on the server. This makes a website vulnerable to become blacklisted on the search engine in case there are spam sites on the server. However, according to the chances of your website being affected by other spam sites on the server can significantly reduce if you sign up with a reputable and reliable web hosting company.
namecheap couponYou can sign up for a shared hosting account for $5 – $10 per month. You can get a discount when you pay the hosting fees in advance of a few years. Many web hosting companies offer coupon codes and discounts from time to time. This enables you to buy a web hosting package at a very low cost during holiday season. You can take advantage of these discounts by searching for coupon codes on coupon websites and web hosting blogs.
A basic shared hosting package will offer sufficient web space and data transfer to meet the needs of most websites. Many web hosting packages offer unlimited disk space and bandwidth at a cheap price. Unlimited shared hosting service includes all the basic features for your website to operate efficiently.
Shared hosting is suitable for small websites that receive little traffic every month. It is also suitable for websites that don’t require a lot of hosting spaces and bandwidth. If your website provides downloads services for people, you should get a dedicated hosting package as it offers more data spaces and bandwidth. Many shared hosting packages include easy to use control panels such as cPanel that allows webmasters to easily maintain their websites. The control panel gives you access to basic features such as FTP, email accounts, script installation, awstats and etc.
When choosing a shared hosting service, you must make sure that it guarantees 99.9% uptime so that your webpages will load fast for your visitors at all time. You should also read reviews to find out what customers say about different web hosting companies.

Domain Name Registration

Another thing you need to consider while purchasing hosting package is the domain name registrations. Basically, it is what your visitors will be typing in the browser on order to land on your website. I would recommend choosing (and as a courtesy Namecheap Coupon here). They offer steep discount on hosting, registration and renewals in addition to FREE privacy protection and super reliable servers and readily available customer service team.

Good luck with launching you online business!